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Create a Psychedelic Background in Illustrator CS5

In the late 60s the word “psychedelic” was invented to describe hallucinogens. Today, the word “psychedelic” refers to any artwork or decoration with abstract shapes and bright colors. In this […]


How to Create and Use Clipping Masks in Illustrator CS5

Clipping Masks provide us with a helpful way to add style, texture, and variety to our vector graphics. In this tutorial, I will teach you the fundamentals of applying, using […]


Learn How to Save Graphics for Web and Other Devices in Illustrator CS5

How do you optimize an Illustrator graphic for web? When you save a graphic for web you need to make sure to reduce its file size for faster download, change […]


Cheese Text Effect in Illustrator CS5

Cheese, a food product produced around the word in a variety of forms and flavors. Nowadays, cheese is appreciated for its long life, low shipping cost, and high content of […]


How to Draw an Anime Eye in Illustrator CS5

Anime characters have a variety of predetermined eye expressions to show emotions clearly and distinctively. There are a numbers of different techniques, methods, and styles to draw anime eyes. However, […]


Learn How to Create a Pattern in Illustrator CS5

Many possibilities exist in the world of Illustrator CS5. One possibility is the ability to create seamless patterns. You have probably seen a variety of complex, clean-looking patterns around the […]


Generate a Realistic X-Rayed Hand in Illustrator CS5

X-rays are useful in the detection of diseases, broken bones, or radiotherapy. The most used method of X-rays is photographic plates. Photographic plates can generate images of human and animal […]


Creating a Starry Night Sky in Illustrator

If you live in a big city, you probably don’t have the chance to observe a beautiful starry night sky. Don’t worry; luckily, with the help of Illustrator you can […]


Generate a School Ruled Sheet of Paper in Illustrator

Did you know that the combination of a rectangular shape, circles and straight lines can generate a nice looking Vector of a school ruled sheet of paper? The following Illustrator […]


Make a Stop Sign in Illustrator CS5

In 1915 Yellow Stop Signs were used all throughout Michigan. 39 years later all new Stop Signs are required to have an octagonal shape, with a red background, and a […]

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