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Create Minimal Logos Using Transforms

As a graphic designer, creating logos can be one of the most challenging job you will come across. In recent years, Minimal or Modern logos have been the big key […]


Generate a Realistic X-Rayed Hand in Illustrator CS5

X-rays are useful in the detection of diseases, broken bones, or radiotherapy. The most used method of X-rays is photographic plates. Photographic plates can generate images of human and animal […]


Create a Realistic Jean Pocket in Illustrator CS5

By far, jeans are the most wearable clothes around the world. So, why not to write a tutorial about the most important clothing in our wardrobe? Many of us prefer […]


How to Create Stitched Buttons in Illustrator CS5

Creating realistic objects in Illustrator it is easy as 1, 2, 3. The only thing we need to create is a flat shape and Illustrator will take care of the […]


Produce a Glowing Neon Open Sign Using Illustrator CS5

In the real world neon tubes are produced by blending glass tubes into shapes and adding neon with gases. In the Illustrator world neon tubes are produced by simplifying a […]


Generate a Torn Metal Effect in Illustrator CS5

Illustrator has all the tools needed to achieve realistic effects we just need to learn how to combine and use them. In this tutorial we are going to learn how […]


Create a Folded Paper Effect in Illustrator CS5

A folded paper effect can serves as a final touch for any graphic, icon, logo, type, etc. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to generate this […]


Using Opacity Masks in Illustrator CS5

What is an Opacity Mask? An Opacity Mask allows you to add transparency above other objects. Opacity Masks facts: Allows an object to fade in transparency. You can edit a […]

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